Peugeot 508 - VW Passat Station Comparison

    Peugeot 508 - VW Passat Comparison
    These are two classic station wagon in the sense of the term: a body-sized car (we are around 4.80 meters in length), a front part which reflects the Sisters of saloons and a rear area that is not the minimum discount on practicality. The redesign has not brought big news on the Passat, however, difficult to improve already high levels seen: just a few gestures to find a very good driving position and even the secondary controls are placed on the console and tunnel in a very rational. Peugeot on the other hand, are just the secondary commands to cause the greatest concern: those on the steering wheel are too many and not very intuitive, while the platform with rotellone for radio and navigation is a bit 'far back on the tunnel. For both, the space on board is large, so that even when traveling in five has not had to sacrifice meaningful. Even the vans are similar: that the 508 is slightly larger (481 liters, up from 467 the German), but the Passat has the secret weapon, or a closet from 82 liters under the cargo floor. Furthermore it has a finish more accurately and, if required, can be equipped with an effective restraint system for luggage.
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