Burn within two nights in Berlin 13 cars

    Burn within two nights in Berlin 13 cars
    Arson on Berlin streets again: 13 cars were in flames in two nights. The number of politically motivated acts has doubled since 2010.

    Once again, cars have been lit in Berlin. Four cars were damaged by fire on Friday night, a police spokesman said.

    Photo: Reuters / DPA The morning after: A total of 13 cars were within two nights in Berlin in flames

    0.30 clock against a car had fired first in Schöneberg. About a half hour later a car went to the site of a car dealership in Charlottenburg in flames.

    The fire also damaged two cars parked nearby. The police are now examining whether a political motive behind the arson. On the night of Thursday were in the districts of Steglitz and Zehlendorf risen nine cars on fire. No one was injured. The perpetrators escaped.

    By early August, the authorities 80 attacks since the beginning of a political background on cars registered in the federal capital. Of the 176 affected vehicles were set on fire 105 directly, the others were destroyed by cross-fire or damaged.

    Even in recent days hardly a night passed without arson. According to the findings of State Police protection as every other car is burning in the federal capital to the account of politically motivated arson.

    Suspect the security forces as perpetrators small groups or solitary. It was repeatedly pointed out that in the left scene in Berlin currently is no broad movement to light cars.

    Compared to 2010, the arsons have doubled with a political background of cars this year. Last year, 44 attacks were registered in which 71 vehicles went up in flames or damaged. The previous record year of 2009 145 arsons were counted.

    The investigators are the perpetrators are difficult to track. One of the few arrested were convicted after an attempted car arson. The 43-year-old received 22 months imprisonment on probation. In front of him this year, two men were convicted in a drunken state had set cars on fire.Source URL: http://zinarala.blogspot.com/2011/08/burn-within-two-nights-in-berlin-13.html
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