2011 Chrysler 300

    When it first debuted in production form in 2005, the Chrysler 300 turned heads and changed minds about what was going on at Chrysler. It was a truly unique and fresh take on the idea of the American luxury sedan. For 2011, the Chrysler 300 gets a thorough and equally original update to its styling that keeps the theme of the first-generation car while moving in a new direction. MotorAuthority rates the 2011 Chrysler 300 at 7 out of 10.

    Toning down the original 300's looks somewhat, the new 300 is also more sophisticated. The front end in particular wears a more delicately-designed grille and bumper. Inside the story is much the same, with a wood-trimmed cabin that takes the look in a more mellow direction with the exception of the large, bright LCD touchscreen mounted at the center of the dash.

    Power is also refined for the 2011 300, with the Pentastar V-6 engine generating 283 horsepower and mated to a surprisingly capable five-speed automatic. HEMI V-8s are also available in the 300C and 300 SRT8, adding power levels that reach abundant and ludicrous, respectively. The SRT8 is upgraded for 2011 from its previous 6.1-liter displacement to 6.4 liters and 465 horsepower. All versions of the 300 offer a comfortable, relaxed driving demeanor, with only the SRT8 focused enough to be considered truly high-performance.

    Comfort is likewise abundant: five adults can fit within, roomy and comfortable seats at all positions. Opt for the SRT8 and the seats become luxurious: thick bolsters and ample padding cradle passengers like 150-mph easy chairs.

    Chrysler does its best with the 300's available features and options, too, with iPod/iPhone connectivity, the aforementioned large LCD touchscreen for interfacing with the navigation and infotainment systems, available mobile Internet connectivity and streaming satellite TV, rear-seat DVD monitors, and more.

    [Source: motorauthority.com]

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