Ford Mustang Blue Angels Edition Mustang Blue Angels Edition
    One of the cars symbol of the long automotive career of the Ford brand is sure Ford Mustang: a car that gives various generations hits in the sign of the passionate motorists of sport car. Some time makes has spoken about a possible one restyling of this car that could happen between various months, but while version of Ford Mustang is approached to the debut of a detail: draft of Ford Mustang Blue Angels Edition. Draft of tripudio a patriotic American: an American car symbol of motoring of the States that will celebrate a century from the foundation of the LAST Navy Aviation. The car will not enter in mass production, but it would have to be be a matter of an only model that will come sold to the auction to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh the 28 next July. The proceeds of the auction would have to be devolven in beneficence. Ford Mustang Blue Angels Edition will be sure an car much detail and characteristic: this evince already from the aesthetic one where on the blue varnish (could not be various approval the name of the car) detaches the strisce remarkablly yellow that renders l `recognizable car from far away. Passing inside of the car, it is perhaps discovered that the posterior seats lack, considered useless for a car that does not have certainly the scope to transport passengers. In fact, Ford Mustang Blue Angels Edition will be a sportswoman highest performances, since the motor is the 5,0 V8 Ford Racing that for the occasion is supercharged in order to arrive very to the power 624 CV, one remarkable power accompanied from an order modified like also the brakes and the system of drainage.Source URL:
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