Cars 2 Games Review

    Cars 2 Games Review

    Birthday Gift Idea!! 

    Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have noticed that Cars is back with a whole new movie. To celebrate, there is a large line of toys and games available. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review two of these games: Cars Monopoly and Cars Memory!

    Cars 2 Monopoly
    Like the original Monopoly, the goal of this Cars 2 game is to earn the most money. Instead of the classic Monopoly characters, you play with characters from the Cars 2 movie. Rather than rolling dice, you spin a Lightening McQueen car around the race track and move the number indicated on the race track. Every property and all money is set in $1M increments, so your children only need elementary math skills to play.

    Includes 1 racetrack (in 4 pieces), 1 Lightning McQueen racecar, 1 gameboard, 16 Cars cards, 16 tires, 8 Pitties, 4 character movers, 16 Chance cards, money pack and instructions.

    For 2 to 4 players.

    Ages 5 and up.

    Review:The game is really adorable. Every single facet of the game is Cars-themed. For example, rather than building houses, you use tires. My daughter is 5 and absolutely loves playing it. My son, who is 8, said the game was too babyish; however, he saw Bella and I having so much fun that he finally agreed to play and he liked it a lot too. It is much simpler than original Monopoly and has a much quicker play time.  I truly enjoyed playing it as well!

    Cars 2 Memory

    Memory is a classic game for children, and now your little one can try to match up their favorite Cars 2 characters. Like the original version, you turn over a picture card and try to match it with another card. To add to the fun, the game comes with a "spectator grandstand" that allows you to display your matches and a "speedway game board". When you get a match, your car moves one space on the game board. The first person to reach the finish line wins! 

    Review: My son was definitely too old to enjoy this game, but Bella still enjoyed it. The spectator grandstand and game board were clever additions that added to the fun.  The only complaint that I had was that many of the cars looked very similar to us and it would have been nice to also include their names on the cards. Other than that, this is an enjoyable game for children ages 3 and up.

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