scion frs concept

    Scion's new FR-S (FT-86) concept car that is soon to be a production model. What started as a collaboration between Toyota and Subaru has turned into the work of art you see in front of you. There have been many iterations of this concept car with the latest being the closest to production. The D4-S allows for better NA performance while still maintaining good fuel economy. Actual horsepower numbers for the FR-S haven't been released yet, but I would expect at least 200 HP to be under the hood. Also no news as to whether they will have a turbocharged model or not, but speculation across the internet is that there may be a model that takes advantage of a turbocharger.

    Although the images below are all final renderings, you can get an idea of what the production car will look like. I highly doubt that the large wheels and small mirrors will make it to production, but most of the LED lamps will probably be in the production model.

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